Cineroid PG32e 3G Pattern Generator & Converter



The Cineroid PG32e 3G Pattern Generator & Converter is a handheld device with HDMI and HD-SDI outputs and inputs that can be mounted on any video camera. Made for production, post-production and broadcast, the PG32e 3G Pattern Generator & Converter is designed to calibrate and set-up a camera quickly.

The PG32e can produce reference signals for equipment calibration over SDI or HDMI. Internally, the PG32e also has 16 parameter-based software pattern generators to support thousands of pattern variations for many different applications. These patterns include SMPTE color bars, horizontal and vertical gradations in both color and gray-scale, single solid color, and movement patterns. Because the controls are on the front, they are easy to access and make menu navigation simple. The PG32e also comes with three battery plates, compatible with select Canon and Sony batteries. In addition, the PG32 can power externally from a D-tap power source with the included D-tap to mini-XLR cable.


Cineroid PG32e 3G Pattern Generator & Converter Features:

480 x 800 Display
The PG32 features a built-in 3.2″ display on the front of the unit, providing users with immediate visual confirmation and a confident monitoring solution.
Durable Metal Body
The PG32e Pattern Generator & Converter has a durable aluminum body. As a result, its design is both ideal and dependable in rigorous shooting environments.
3G/HD/SD-SDI Converter
The PG32 converts 3G-SDI, HD-SDI, or SD-SDI to HDMI for driving monitors.
Scopes and Exposure Tools
Monitor your color and exposure in real-time with both YCrCb waveforms and a vectorscope. Video signals and scopes display simultaneously without superimposition.
Progressive to Interlaced Conversion
The “P2I” mode doubles the perceived frame rate of a video without consuming extra bandwidth. In addition, the interlaced signal contains two fields of a video frame captured at different times. As a result, this enhances motion perception to the viewer, and reduces flicker sometimes associated with progressive video.

In the Box:

  • Cineroid PG32e 3G Pattern Generator and Converter
  • Battery Holder Mount
  • D-Tap to Mini-XLR Cable
  • Sony NPF Battery Holder
  • Canon LP-E6 Battery Holder
  • Canon BP911 Battery Holder
  • Limited 1-Year Warranty


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Weight 1 lbs


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