Cineroid EVF4CSe Electronic Viewfinder with SDI Input, Loop Out


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The Cineroid EVF4CSe Electronic Viewfinder with SDI Input, Loop Out offers an eyepiece view or an LCD view. The eyepiece/optical loupe can flip up out of the way, or detached completely.  Together with the 3.2″ 800×480 resolution LCD, a built-in adjustable diopter and removable extension frame allows you to use the EVF even without having perfect eyesight.

The SDI input and loop-through SDI output allows you to feed the EVF. As a result, you can send the unmodified signal downstream to an optional director’s viewfinder, video village, or other display. The EVF also supports a variety of focus and exposure tools, including two forms of peaking, false color, crop guide, pixel-to-pixel mapping, and image flip. Also included are a headphone jack and built-in speaker, allowing you to monitor audio. Additionally, a 1/4″-20 threaded mounting hole allows you to mount the EVF to your camera using optional articulating arms. The EVF4CSe can be powered by optional Cannon LP-E6 batteries. Alternatively, an optional external power supply can power the device. There is also a USB port for firmware updates.

Cineroid EVF4CSe Electronic Viewfinder Features:

Peaking highlights the sharpest (most in focus) areas of the image with a color outline. The EVF4CSe features two modes: red mode highlights the in focus areas in red, while the sharpness mode outlines in white.
Clip Guide
There are three clip guide modes, color, zebra and both in combination. For example, color mode provides a colored wash to overexposed areas. Similarly, zebra can set to fixed or moving lines and can display at 3, 5, 8, 11% above or below the trigger point.
False Color
The False Color feature provides under/over luminance warning by presenting the image as a series of color values representing exposure.
Crop Guide
Darkens portions of the viewing area to help frame a shot in accordance with what it will look like when later cropped to be viewed in different aspect ratios.
Pixel to Pixel Mapping
You can also use 1:1 pixel-to-pixel mapping. which looks at sections of your image without any scaling, allowing you to see the actual detail and not scaling artifacts.
Monochrome (Black and White)
Displays an image in grayscale.
Audio Level
Displays on screen the audio levels captured. (A speaker and headphone jack are also available for monitoring captured audio.)
Screen Flip
Rotates an image in various ways to support different vertical and horizontal mounting options.
Custom Keys
The quick-access buttons of the EVF4CSe can program above features into shortcuts for quick access.

In The Box:

  • Cineroid EVF4CSe Electronic Viewfinder with SDI Input / Loop-Through Output
  • Optical Loupe
  • Extension Tube
  • Mini Ball Head

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 in


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