Angenieux EZ-2 15-40mm S35 Cinema Zoom with Advanced Kit 2 (PL)


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Product Highlights

  • EZ-2 15-40mm S35 Cinema Zoom Lens
  • 3-Motor MSU-1 Servo Lens Control
  • Wireless MSU-1 Module
  • Lens Hood with Cap

This EZ-2 15-40mm S35 Cinema Zoom with Advanced Kit 2 from Birns and Sawyer is comprised of the PL-mount Angenieux EZ-2 15-40mm S35 Cinema Zoom lens, the removable MSU-1 Cine Servo three-motor lens control, and a lens hood with cap. The MSU-1 Universal Cine Servo is an ENG-style lens control, providing servo control for focus, iris, and zoom. Features include an adjustable zoom speed, a zoom rocker, and an integrated module for wireless control using select FIZ controllers (available separately).

In the Box
  • EZ-2 15-40mm S35 Cinema Lens with PL Mount
  • Limited 1-Year Warranty
  • MSU-1 Universal Cine Servo with 3 Motors & Wireless Module for EZ-1/EZ-2 Lenses
  • Hood with Cap for Type EZ Zoom Lenses


  • Angenieux Cinema Lens Lineup Now in Stock at Birns and Sawyer. Call us at 323-466-8211 or email

    EZ-2 15-40mm S35 Cinema Lens with PL Mount

    Angenieux’s EZ-2 15-40mm S35 Cinema Lens with PL Mount is a fast zoom for 3-perf Super 35mm sized sensors that has been designed from the ground up to utilize interchangeable rear optical assemblies. This allows you to use the same lens to cover Super 35 or Full-Frame/VistaVision-sized sensors by swapping out the rear optical assembly. In addition, the rear assemblies allow you to swap the lens mount from PL to Sony E or Canon EF.

    The version of the lens ships with a PL mount and the Super 35 rear optical assembly. Set up as such it features a T2.0 aperture and focuses down to 2′ in front of the image plane, while weighing in at only 4.7 pounds. The 114mm front diameter of the lens is a common diameter compatible with cinema-style matte boxes. The lens features independent focus, iris, and zoom control rings with cinema standard gear teeth. A removable support foot can be repositioned for when you need to rotate your lens off of a standard mounting orientation.

    Interchangeable Rear Optical Assembly
    The EZ-2 15-40mm is designed with swappable rear optical elements so you can easily convert the lens from covering 3-perf Super 35 to full-frame/VistaVision. This design has many advantages over adding additional optical elements such as 2x extenders, as swapping the rear assembly allows the lens to maintain the same physical size and minimum operating distance, while losing only slightly more than a stop when going from Super 35 to full-frame coverage. Additionally, as the optics are designed to be part of the lens, and not just additional elements that blow up the image resolved by the lens, they match the optical quality of the lens and your image does not suffer from having to go through additional glass/air surfaces, which can degrade your image.
    Interchangeable Lens Mounts
    This lens ships with a PL mount; however, that mount can be swapped with available (not included) E or EF lens mounts.
    Losing only 1/10 of a stop within the lens, the EZ-2 is extremely efficient. The fast T2.0 maximum aperture in Super 35mm matches the maximum aperture of many standard prime lenses for Super 35mm. This allows you to light to a lower illumination level than would normally be required for many zooms, making for more consistent images as you may not have to relight the scene as is often the case when moving from primes to slower zoom lenses.
    Manual Lens Control Rings
    Featuring independent manual control rings for focus, iris, and zoom. Each control ring incorporates industry standard 0.8 lens gear teeth.
    114mm Front Diameter
    The EZ-2 shares the same 114mm front common to the Angenieux OPTIMO lens series, allowing you to easily share matte boxes between the EZ-2 and the OPTIMO lenses.
    Temperature Stability
    The EZ series of lenses are designed and built to compensate for temperature drifts, which helps reduce the need to recollimate the lens.
  • Angenieux MSU-1 Universal Cine Servo with 3 Motors & Wireless Module for EZ-1/EZ-2 Lenses

    Built specifically for use with the Angenieux EZ-1 and EZ-2 lenses, the MSU-1 Universal Cine Servo with 3 Motors and Wireless Module from Angenieux is a removable lens drive unit that provides ENG-style control to the EZ-1 and EZ-2 cinema-style lenses. Built-in features you would expect to find on an ENG-style lens control grip, as well as a few extras, create a powerful combination when paired with your lens. The three lens drive gears are positioned to perfectly interface with your lens, and are 0.8 MOD to match the cine-style gearing. A run/stop button on the handle controls the camera, while the traditional zoom rocker is augmented by an adjustable speed control.

    Further compatibility is ensured by the inclusion of Hirose and LEMO connectors. A built-in wireless module enables controlling the servo drive without a hard-wired connection. Those who wish to may control the servo with Canon or Fujinon standard ENG lens pan handles.

    The MSU is self-aligning, mounting with three screws and a guide pin
    Basic Functions
    • Auto Iris: on/off
    • Rec: on/off
    • Return video
    • QZ (quick zoom)
    • Iris: momentary
    • Screen display
    • Menu display
    Menu Display
    • System modes: analog demand, digital demand, wireless, local
    • Iris control mode: auto/remote
    • Wireless frequency select
    • Firmware upgrade
    • Trigger automatic calibration
    • Lens data selection
    Compatible with Canon & Fujinon standard ENG lens pan handles:

    • 20-pin Hirose – analog and remote control
    • 12 Pin Hirose – direct to lens port on camera
    • 4-pin LEMO – “I” protocol communication
    • 6-pin LEMO – MBUS port
    • Cooke I System – real-time data transfer, no storage
    Wireless Control
    A built-in wireless module permits interfacing with Movcam wireless lens controllers, selectable for iris, zoom, and focus
    Zoom/Focus Demand and Compatibility
    Via a 20-pin adapter cable (not included):

    • Fujinon
    • Canon
    • Microforce
    Remote Controller Compatibility
    Via the 20-pin interface:

    • Cmotion
    • Preston
    • ARRI
    Speed and Sensitivity
    The motors have been optimized to provide high-speed motor drive while maintaining sensitivity and precision operation
    ENG Style Operation
    • Zoom speed
    • Q-Z switch
    • information display
    • VTR switch
    • Function selector
    • Display on/off
    • Return switch
    • Zoom operation switch
    • Iris operation changeover switch
    • Momentary iris auto switch
  • Angenieux Hood with Cap for Type EZ Zoom Lenses

    Designed to fit Angenieux Type EZ zoom lenses, this Hood with Cap reduces glare while helping to protect the lens front. This hood accommodates 127mm filters and fastens around the lens via an integrated screw.


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