Zaila LED Delux Kit

Nila Zaila LED Deluxe Daylight Light Kit



Product Description

Nila Zaila LED Deluxe Daylight Light Kit


The Zaila is the light you need in place of those hot and hungry 200 W HMIs or 350 W tungsten fixtures.  Add the flexibility of the Nila holographic lens system so you have a fixture that’s capable of being both a studio stalwart and a workhorse in the field.  The Zaila’s flexible AC/DC inputs make is especially useful for ENG applications. This instrument can be either be a Daylight or Tungsten LED as per customer order.

Mfg#NZL1D-D (Daylight)

Mfg# NZL1D-T (Tungsten)

Technical Specifications:
  • Double the output of comparable LED fixtures
  • Very long throw (100+ feet)
  • On-board dimmer
  • Instant on
  • Available in daylight or tungsten
  • Color accurate from fixture to fixture
  • Stable color through entire dim range
  • Emits no UV or IR
  • Long-life LEDs (20,000+ hours)
  • 90-240V AC input
  • 10-18V DC input
  • Draws only 40W
  • DMX controllable
  • Patented design
  • ETL and CE compliant
  • Two year limited warranty

Nila Zaila LED Deluxe Daylight Light Kit


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