Nila LED SL Daylight

Nila SL LED Daylight



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Nila SL LED Daylight


The SL is the fixture of choice when you need lots of light without the hassles of heavy cabling, external dimmers, or lamp replacement chores.  The SL is the LED fixture you need in place of those hot and hungry 2500W HMIs or 6000W tungsten fixtures.  Whether you’re lighting a football field or creating a soft box look on set, the versatile SL has you covered.  With a power draw of only 500W, flicker-free operation, and the most light output in its class, the SL is an indespensable part of any lighting package. This instrument can be either be a Daylight or Tungsten LED as per customer order.

Mfg# NSLK-D (Daylight)

Mfg# NSLK-T (Tungsten)

Nila SL – Key Features
• The brightest LED fixture available
• Removable yoke w/ internal disk break
•Equivalent to 2,500 watt HMI
•Draws 800 watts (6 amps @120V, 3 amps @ 240V)
• Location-ready durability
• Useful light over long distances (400+ feet)
• On-board dimmer 0% to 100% range
• Instant “ON” cold start feature
• Flicker-free up to 1500 FPS (full dim range)
• Flicker-free at any speed (at 100%)
• Either Tungsten or Daylight color balance
• Universal (90-240 volt) AC power supply
• Ultra-low power consumption
• Zero maintenance design
• Emits No UV or IR


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