IB/E S35 x FF Expander


While larger sensor formats are desireable, the optics needed to cover a larger sensor require two different aspects of performance.  First, the light vignetting on the larger sensor must not be greater than 50%, and second, the image quality must be perfect up to the edge of the bigger image.

The new IB/E S35xFF allows you to use of your “S35 Cine treasures” in the new large-format cameras in RED Weapon 6K (Dia 34.5 mm) and even 8K (Dia 46.3 mm).   It supports all lenses with a max. aperture of T-Stop 2.0, and provides best performance at T-Stop 2.8 with best values in resolution and sharpness.

The S35xFF is incompatible with rotating mirror shutter cameras.

The S35xFF can be used with both PL mount primes and zooms.

Ideal combinations:

  • Angenieux Optimo 17 – 80 mm Zoom
  • Angenieux Optimo 24 – 290 mm Zoom
  • Angenieux Compact Optimo Zooms
  • Angenieux 17 – 102 mm Zoom
  • Angenieux 25 – 250 mm HR-Zoom
  • Cooke Prime and Zoom T 2.0
  • Cooke 18 – 100 mm Zoom
  • Fuji, Canon T 2.0
  • Leica Summicron T 2.0
  • Zeiss Ultra Prime und Zooms T 2.0



Product Description

Birns and Sawyer has the new IB/E S35 X FF Expander.  This latest innovation from IB/E Optics is a critical tool for large format cinematographers


Recently the industry has seen a shift toward larger sensor formats: RED Dragon (34.5 mm), Sony, ARRI Vista Vision (43 mm) even 60 mm with the ARRI65.   However, suitable optics available to fit these formats are very limited.

To solve this, IB/E Optics designed the S35xFF to facilitate use of common PL mount S35 Cine lenses with these new larger format cameras.


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